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Giuseppe Maggiolini. Catalogo Ragionato dei Disegni


In Limine


Con la collaborazione di Luca Melegati Strada e Roberto Valeriani. Milano, 2014; ril. in tela, pp. 411, 780 ill. b/n, 48 tavv. col., cm 21x29.

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AutoreBeretti, Giuseppe. González-Palacios, Alvar.
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The catalogue, edited by In limine editions together with the Civic Art Collections of Milan, analyzes the entire fund of Giuseppe Maggiolini's drawings preserved at the Cabinet. 2014 is the two hundredth anniversary of the death of Maggiolini (1738-1814), the major Italian cabinet maker, who worked in Parabiago for the members of government of two regimes, the Austrain one first and then the Napoleonic, and for the main Lombard families. The fund includes almost 2000 sheets. This huge grafic collection consists of overall projects, drawings and decorative sketches of important works of the latest Eighteenth century. Among these, we wish to mention Empress Maria Teresa of Austria writing desk, the tripod for the King of Poland Stanislao Poniatowski e the table for Queen of Naples Maria Carolina.